Franchise Articles

Franchise Articles Table of Contents

Would A Franchise Be Right For You? - Learn about the benefits of owning a franchise and why so many people are getting on board.

Business Opportunities Versus Franchises - Which option should you choose? Here you'll learn what makes them different so you can pick the right one for your entrepreneurial needs.

Franchise Opportunities for Veterans - Explores the financial and educational programs available to help veterans who are interested in opening a franchise.

Getting the Facts About Franchisors - Doing your homework is a necessary part of choosing the right franchisor and the UFOC can provide a lot of the information you need.

Exploring the Costs of a Franchise - How much does it cost to start up and run a franchise? You'll find those answers and more here.

Choosing a Franchise - Picking the right franchise for your needs can be tricky. Here are some tips that can help you make the right choice.

Ways to Finance Your Franchise - Offers an overview of some of the options you have for covering the costs of opening a franchise.

Using Your Resources to Finance Your Franchise - Explores two ways that you can use your personal resources as a way to start your franchise.

Financing Your Franchise - Retirement Accounts & Severance Packages Explains how you can actually access your retirement funds penalty-free in order to finance your franchise.

Franchisor Financing - Explains how franchisor financing works and what to watch out for if you are interested in this option.

The SBA & Financing Your Franchise - Discusses several programs available through the SBA to help you acquire the funding you need.

The SBA and Franchise Financing - Discover how the SBA has made it easier and faster for you to get a loan approved for starting your franchise.

Franchise Financing Alternatives - Finance Companies Looks at how finance and leasing companies can be beneficial options worth considering if you need money to start your franchise.

Turning to Banks for Financing - Addresses the requirements you'll have to meet in order to secure a business loan through a traditional lender.